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Unexpected situations that surprise us.

Places and moments where one never imagined being.

It was a before and after of my face to face with cancer . A stage of much physical pain, uncertainty and certainty in diagnoses.

Suddenly I found my days focused on an intense connection with myself, beyond the affections that surrounded me.

Looking back I never had so much PEACE and lucidity as in that limit situation.

And before the threat of not knowing if I had a long time to live, between hospitals, rest and sessions of lightning and chemo I began to think about what I really liked and what I would like to do when I was healed.

The radiotherapy room, nothing darker than that, the gray silence, sad, hopeful and resigned faces. And we were always the same. Something as simple as LIGHT was needed.

I remembered that some years ago I had learned to make candles, and I was passionate about it. However, office work was the thief of my most precious treasure: time.

And there, exactly, I returned to them. I recovered my tools and materials that were well kept and began to make candles for my radiotherapy colleagues, my family, their family and all those who accompanied us with love and WARMTH as always.

The scent of hot scented wax was and is a balm for me. The days passed and when I was finally healed, the project already had shape and color in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, the dream became even deeper. I needed to make candles near the SEA , so as not to forget who I am and where I come from. Here I am, ten years later. Where my grandfather was born. In the Balearic Islands. He in Ibiza. Me, on the island of MENORCA.

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